Keswick Riding Stables

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Nora Rechel
2016-09-04, 12:13
Really good riding stables! The prices are low to average, and you'll always find something perfect for you! The horses and ponies are amazing - the helpers too!
Beverley Williams
2015-03-11, 20:37
Best ever riding school ride weekly lessons varied and never boring always something to challenge you.Chris is a marvel with the horses they are all very spoilt and loved.
Saskia Lister
2015-02-21, 11:58
Chris, Celia and all the helpers have made my life so much better! I may be only 13, but for my 5 (almost 6) years riding, the team have made it so fun! Lessons are never boring, and since I have started doing hacks, I have learnt so much more! I really appreciate all the happy memories you have provided! Thank you all!!!
Paul Pamment
2015-02-15, 18:41
Chrissie and her team of helpers have made such a difference to my fiancee's happiness. She has a very demanding working week and an even tougher job at home bringing up teenagers, so a lesson riding with a great teacher on these fabulous animals always puts a huge smile on her face.
Thank you for everything you do!!!
Eloise Price
2015-01-03, 23:57
Chrissie has changed my life forever, she is the best instructor in the whole wide world!! When i was 6 years old I started riding a keswick and when i was around 10 i moved away and i got my own horses.
last summer i came back for a riding lesson at keswick and it was the best riding lesson i have had ever since i left.
thank you so much Chrissie you have changed my life forever!!!!

We have a wide range of horses, suited to the requirements of complete novices, intermediates and experienced riders. We're also able to provide lessons to children and adults. We have two paddocks available for you to ride in. The sand paddock is for children and beginners, we then have a larger paddock which is for the intermediate to experienced rider.

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