Keswick Riding Stables

Norwich's #1 Stables!

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Keswick Riding Stables
Bridle Lane

Stables Tel - 01603 451526
Chris Mob - 07717 046322
Kevin Mob - 07836 592629

I love Keswick so much I have been riding there since I was 4 years old and still love the place when I was little I rode cute little magic and then Charlie so many lovely ponies and horses can't wait in till my next visit xx


Yazmin Jones

Keswick stables are fantastic! Chris is a brilliant instructer and the rest of the team are very helpful and care a lot about the horses as well as the riders. Always a joy to ride here and I look forward to my lesson every week! amazing horses, I enjoy riding Joe and have previously ridden little fella, Bimbo, Midnight and Princess. My favourites to ride are Joe and princess :D I'd recommend going here to rid. Can't wait 'til i can go on hacks!


Tawnia Gooch

This riding school is absolutley amazing. Chris, Kevin and the others are extremely kind and caring. The prices, people and horses are great; overall, I would reccomend (and I have!) Keswick to everyone I know. As well as all of the above, Chris and the team always make sure everything is safe (e.g the weather) each day so that everyone can get the best out of their lessons.


Saskia Lister

i ride charlie it is lots of fun


ebony fry

my name is kaitlin I am 10 years old I love riding there .The best horse I went on was midnight and bimbo ps keswick riding stable is amazing


kaitlin welsh

oh my god i love this riding stables! they teach you all the right things! thank you


cheyenne coulter

I loved riding there but i had to stop. T here horses were great and had awesome names.My favourite horses was bimbo and brandy and midnight and princess and ect.(praticly all of them). My first ride was when i rode hatie and then Charlie. He was excellent. But then I grew my confidense and went to the big arena and rode little fella, princess, brandy, midnight and bimbo. also my mum lyn rode Triger.


Bryony Neale

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